An unforgettable view

ice cap at Tasermiut

The picture was taken on 21st August 1971.  Well, two pictures really, stitched together some 40 years later from the scanned slides.  Bad weather had recently left a dusting of snow on the tops and good weather had helped spur us back into action.  We had little idea of what was ahead as we left our bivouac among the boulders on the north shore of Taserssuaq.  It was a fine day and easy ascending of grassy slopes, scree and snowfield led to a summit that overhung the glacier below.  There were four of us and and we were the first people to gain this amazing view – for this was the first ascent.  We lingered long, absorbing the incredible view – reluctant to leave this amazing sight of the ice cap flowing into Tasermiut and the dramatic rock walls of Imaha and Pingasuit.  Detailed memories of the ascent have faded but the view from the summit was unforgettable.