Climbing in his sleep….

…or the summit of sartorial statements?

View south-east from above Kangerdluk inlet

It’s strange what you remember after all these years, especially when it comes to matters of detail. This photo was taken from the summit of Croomble, a peak to the north of the col between Taserssuaq and Kangerdluk inlet.  The view is south-east, towards the Ilua fjord region.

img05007_crredThankfully, we’d made an early start, for the snow gulley that we ascended later turned into a stone chute being fed by the friable rock that clung to the steep slope below the summit.  The summit was even more unstable, almost ‘Croombleing’ under our gaze.  I remember our descent was very cautious via a series of loose rock ledges. But most of all, I remember that Mike was wearing his pyjama top.