Setting the scene…and a map

In 1971, ten members of the University of St Andrews set off to explore the area around Tasermiut and Taserssuaq, in the Cape Farewell region of Greenland.  Over 30 first ascents of peaks in the immediate vicinity were made and a prolonged stay in Nanortalik took in the celebrations of the 25oth anniversary of the arrival of Hans Egede in Greenland.  Forty-five years on, in 2016, an updated and illustrated account of their expedition experiences was produced.   Following the link at the right will lead to further information about the e-book version of the 2016 publication.

Putting together the new account was a moving experience.  Memories were refreshed and some dramatic experiences relived.  The aim of this site is for us to take some of the images we recorded and individually reflect, reminisce and revisit on various aspects of the region and our experiences.  Thus, the postings here are from any one of the ten, providing their own recollection or comment on some aspect of a particular image.

Our starting point is to summarise where the main ascents were and where our climbing camps were.  What follows is an enhanced and much cleaned copy of a map from the original 1971 report.  The weather in the area is notorious and a clue as to why one camp was named Desolation Camp.  The image at the top of the page was taken from the summit of one of the peaks marked on the map to the immediate north of Taserssuaq.

peaks climbed in Tasermiut Taserssuaq region Cape Farewell